Car valuation sites - the biggest problem for consumers in 2015


New statistics from ECC Sweden shows that car valuation sites and air transport caused the most problems for Swedish consumers, in the European market in 2015. Autopriser is the company that has received most complaints.

In 2015, ECC Sweden received 4 610 complaints and queries from consumers, who have shopped or travelled across EU borders. This is an increase of 24 percent, compared to the year before. Above this, ECC Sweden's interactive FAQ, has been visited 143 577 times.

The three most common complaints, in percent of the total number of post purchase cases, are: (2014 year's number within parenthesis)

  1. Cars and motorcycles, rental cars and car valuation sites included, 18,3 percent (15,7 percent)
  2. Air transport 16,3 percent (21,5 percent)
  3. Sample packages / subscriptions, regarding health and personal care, as well as pharmaceutical products 10,4 percent (8 percent)

- Car valuation cases have pushed down the air transport cases from the top of the list. Complaints regarding sample packages have increased, mostly when it comes to subscriptions of diet pills and anti virus protection. We have also noticed and increase in subscription problems when consumers participate in different kinds of surveys. Consumers are often lured into participating by offers, for example the possibility of being able to buy designer shoes for 15 SEK, or an iPhone for 1 SEK, says Jolanda Girzl, director of ECC Sweden.

The company Autopriser causes most trouble

When summarizing the statistics of individual companies, we have found that the company Autopriser causes most trouble for consumers. In our FAQ, most of our searches is related to car valuation services and subscription traps.

- A new problem for ECC Sweden is that these kinds of cases have led to consumers believing that we are the trader, says Jolanda Girzl. This is due to the fact that our replies in the FAQ shows up when consumers search the Internet. This shows the importance of reading all the information on a website, says Jolanda Girzl.

Within the category air transport, the airlines SAS, Lufthansa, Air Berlin and Norwegian have received most complaints in 2015.

Questions can be answered by Jolanda Girzl, director of ECC Sweden, on phone number 054- 19 40 52. Our legal advisors can be reached via ECC Sweden's switchboard 054 - 19 41 50.