Infurn the biggest villain of 2014


Air travel and car evaluation sites caused most trouble for consumers on the European market in 2014, according to statistics from ECC Sweden. The single company who received most complaints during the same time period was the online furniture company Infurn.

In total, ECC Sweden received 3 702 complaints from consumers shopping or travelling cross border during 2014. The three most troublesome areas, in percentage of all cases concerning problems after purchase, are as follows (the corresponding number from 2013 in brackets):

  1. Air travel 21,5 % (15,5 %)
  2. Cars and motorbikes, including rentals and car evaluation sites 15,7 % (5,9 %)
  3. Furniture 8,7 % (3,2 %)

When you take a look at the single companies receiving most complaints during 2014, the one who stands out is the online furniture company Infurn. Within the category air travel, airline companies Norwegian and Air Berlin were worst of the bunch last year, while and excelled in the car evaluation site category.

For more information please contact Jolanda Girzl, director of ECC Sweden, on +46 (0) 54-19 40 52.