8 ways to a smoother vacation


Canceled flights, overbooked hotels and a flat tire on the rental car. There are many things that can go wrong on a holiday abroad. Here are our top eight tips for a European vacation free of hassle!

Bild på tjej som sitter i bagaget på en bil fullpackad med resväskor. Sommar.

Summer time is vacation time, and also the time of year when most Swedes are looking to the ECC Sweden for advice and guidance. Our legal officers answers questions daily in a FAQ forum, via email and telephone.

– If you take a few precautions, and have a basic knowledge of your rights, you are much better equipped. Everything is always easier if you are proactive, says Jolanda Girzl, Head of ECC Sweden.

But which questions are we receiving from Swedish consumers abroad? Below we have compiled the eight best tips from the legal officers of ECC Sweden. This is how you parry tedious experiences on this summers Europe trip:

  1. There is no mandatory law that determines what should be in a car rental agreement. Read the contract terms carefully before signing anything, and find out exactly what is included in the price and what is not.
  2. If the flight is delayed by more than two hours, you are entitled to service from the airline in the form of food and drink. In case of a delay until the next day, the airline has to provide for an overnight stay. In case of a delay of more than five hours, you should be offered a refund for your ticket.
  3. Pay by credit card when you book event tickets online. Then you can turn to your bank to get the money back if the ticket is not delivered as agreed.
  4. It varies greatly how rigorously piracy is looked at in different European countries. In the Netherlands, for example, you are allowed to introduce three pirated goods for personal use, while in Italy consumers who bought pirated goods may be fined up to € 10 000. Find out what is applicable in the country you are travelling to!
  5. When you book a hotel there is no statutory right of withdrawal. Therefore, read the contract terms closely, especially what happens if you need to cancel. And remember – if you need to make a complaint, do it on site so that the landlord gets an opportunity to correct any errors.
  6. Have you received an offer of timeshare or another form of shared accommodationsThink about whether or not this is a holiday form that you, since these types of contract can prove very tricky to get out of.
  7. In Sweden it is forbidden to claim card charges, but this it is not the truth everywhere. Actually, 17 European countries levy some kind of charge when you pay with a card, which is important to be aware of.
  8. Make sure that you report any missing luggage while still in the airport. Ask to f ill in a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) together with a representative of the airline. Before travelling, check if the airline has conditions that forbid you from packing especially valuable things. This could limit a possible compensation.

Any further questions will be answered by Jolanda Girzl, Head of ECC Sweden, on +46 54-19 40 52. Our legal officers may reached through the switchboard, on +46 54-19 41 50.