Chargeback within the EU/EEA – a possibility to recover your money


Every year the ECC-Net receives large amounts of complaints from consumer who shopped cross-border, mainly through e-commerce, that feel their consumer rights have been violated. 

A new report from the ECC-Net has mapped the situation in the different EU/EEA-countries regarding the possibility to get assistance with reimbursement by the bank through a chargeback request.

The report indicates that most of the countries have similar routines for chargeback requests and that it’s possible to have a dispute handled in an alternative dispute resolution body. It is also possible to turn to the FIN-NET for guidance on where cross-border financial disputes can be handled.

For credit card transactions the consumer has a statutory right of assistance by the bank in recovering money if the trader doesn’t respect the consumers’ rights.

For most countries there isn’t a statutory right of assistance by the bank when paying with debit card. There exist however internal rules of the card schemes which gives the bank a possibility, under certain conditions, to try and help the consumer also when the consumer paid by debit card.

In most of the countries the consumer must first try and solve the problem directly with the trader before turning to the bank for assistance, regardless if the payment was done by credit card or debit card.

Tips for the consumers:

  • Always save all the documentation.
  • Always try and solve the problem yourself directly with the trader and in writing.
  • If the seller doesn’t respond or refuses to assist with a solution to the problem you can try and ask your bank for assistance.
  • The request for help to the bank, the chargeback request, should always be made in writing and it is very important that you attach all the documentation and show that you have tried to solve the problem yourself first.
  • The banks possibility to assist depends to a very large extent on your chargeback request and the documentation. It is therefore very important that you spend time on giving the bank as good a material as possible.
  • Do not wait if problem appears. There are time limits which limit the banks possibility of assisting you.