Important to be able to trust a trust mark


New report shows that there is a need for increased consumer awareness in the field of trust marks.

In the report “Can I trust the trust mark?” ECC Sweden and the ECC-Net, provides consumers with basic and vital information regarding European trust marks and lists useful criteria for trust marks to achieve, in order to fulfill their task of establishing good commercial practices and added value for consumers.

The main problem, according to the ECC-Net, is the lack of uniformity and transparency. The report shows that consumers today face difficulties when trying to compare trust marks, or even trying to find certain information that would assist them in their need to determine if a trust mark on a trader's website actually can be trusted.

The many differences in build-ups, criteria, internal sanctions and external cooperation with, for example, authorities and ADR/ODR schemes create high barriers for consumers to climb. The ECC-Net therefore recommends that uniform practices, minimum rules or mutual codes of conducts are established on a pan-European level, in order for trust marks to achieve their purpose on a national, and more importantly, international level. It must become easier for consumers to get an impression of the trust mark concept.

In addition to this, clearer and more accessible, multilingual information from trust marks, on their own and their members’ websites, would create better commercial practices, as consumers can assist in identifying problems and non compliance.

The project has taken its starting point in a web survey aimed towards European consumers which indicated both the public opinion to the importance of trust marks and the lack of knowledge about them. The ECC-Net offices have, from a consumer point of view, researched the information available from European trust marks in order to assess and highlight differences and benefits to consumers. The results indicate considerable differences between trust marks, both on European and national levels.

The results and assessments have resulted in two separate achievements:

  • Basic, vital information on individual trust marks in different countries summarised into easy accessible knowledge for consumers
  • A summary of the overview, highlighting differences and important aspects along with the ECC-Net recommendations for stakeholders in the field of trust marks.

For further information about the report and its content, please contact:

Erik Mattsson, +46 76 - 110 41 52
Jolanda Girzl, +46 76 - 110 40 52