The airline Primera Air has filed for bankruptcy


The airline Primera Air has filed for bankruptcy and are cancelling all flights.

If you had a booked flight with Primera Air, you should contact the travel agency. The airline have made both regularly scheduled flights and flights for package tour operators.

If you have bought a trip with Primera air through the travel agency Solresor, they have information on their website regarding that matter.

Read more at Solresors website

What happens if an airline declares bankruptcy and my trip get cancelled? Will I get a refund?

If you bought a regular plane ticket, you are usually not protected if a bankruptcy occur. That will depend on the companys economy. If you have an exra travel insurance, you might be entitled to a refund from the insurance company, if the insurance covers bankruptcys. 

If you are travelling to or from an airport in Denmark, you can apply for a refund from a travel guarentee fund.

Read more at the Danish travel guarantee funds website

If you payed for the tickets with a credit card, you could contact the card issuer and request a compensation through chargeback.

Read more about compensation through chargeback

Claims to the bankruptcy trustee

In most cases, you should make a claim directly to the bankruptcy trustee. Primera Air concisted of three different companys; Primera Air Nordic SIA (Latvia), Primera Air Scandinavia A/S (Denmark) and Primera Air Scandinavia (Iceland). 

The following information should be included in the claim:

  • Why you are making the claim (for instance if the flight got cancelled)
  • What kind of claim (a refund, for example)
  • The amount of money you are demanding back
  • Information about the flight (booking number, departure date etc)
  • A reference number regarding your claim to Primera Air (if you sent them a claim)
  • Your contact information

Be aware that you are not guaranteed to get your money back. That depends on the bankruptcy estates economy.

Primera Air Nordic SIA (Latvia)

It is to late to make a claim from the bankruptcy estate of Primera Air Nordic SIA.

Primera Air Scandinavia (Denmark)

Your claims should be sent to

Read the Danish bankruptcy trustees pressrelease

Primera Air Scandinavia (Island)

The last day to make a claim is 9th of januari 2019. The claim should be sent via letter to:

Drangi Lögmenn
b.t. Eiríkur Elís Þorláksson
Túngötu 6
101 Reykjavík

More information

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