Seize the opportunity to shop in the UK


The UK is expected to leave the EU on March 30th 2019. So far there are no definite details regarding what consequences Brexit can be expected to have for consumers, but so far you can shop online freely from the islands in the west.

Ever since it was decided that the UK will leave the EU there have been questions made to the European Consumer Centre Sweden about how this will affect consumers. So far the answer is that the situation remains unchanged and when it comes to online shopping the same conditions apply as before Brexit.

Negotiations are in progress about an exit agreement between the UK and the EU, but there are currently no concrete results. Nor is it definite whether the UK will leave the EU in its entirety on March 30th 2019, or if there will be temporary transition regulations.

Less people shop online after Brexit

According to Postnord’s E-barometer for the first quarter of 2018, clothes and shoes are the most common products purchased online by Swedes. Followed by China, the UK is the country that most people shop from. The main reason for why we buy clothes and shoes online from another country is that they offer lower prices and products that are not available here in Sweden.

There is a risk that customs fees or other fees will be implemented on products that are shipped between the UK and other EU countries when they exit the EU. In practice this will most likely make it less attractive to e-shop from the UK, which is confirmed by Postnord’s survey, which shows that the number of people who have shopped online from the UK in the last month has gone down from 32% in 2016 to 23% in 2018.

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