Keep tabs on your ticket to the FIFA World Cup


In ten days the FIFA World Cup will be under way in Russia. Many people are wondering what the rules are for tickets if you want to attend the event in person, especially if you haven’t been able to get your hands on one of the 8,000 tickets that Sweden was originally allotted. Here we try to answer some of the most common questions.

Questions and answers about ticket purchases

1. I have purchased a ticket but am not sure if it’s valid. How do I find out?

Your ticket is only valid if you have purchased it through the FIFA website. Together with Russian authorities, FIFA has been very careful to point out that is the only official sales outlet for FIFA World Cup tickets. So if you have purchased your ticket there you can rest assured that it is valid.

2. I have a ticket but I purchased it through a ticket agency and I’m worried that I won’t be admitted to the game. Can I change my mind and get a refund?

In Sweden it is not illegal to sell or purchase tickets second hand, but unfortunately you have no legal right to withdraw your purchase when it comes to tickets – regardless of the sales outlet. On the other hand, if you have not received your ticket yet there is still a chance for you to get your money back with the help of your bank, through so called chargeback. Read more about chargeback here.

3. I have a valid ticket, but is there anything else I need, such as a visa?

Apart from your ticket you need a Fan ID. Fan ID has been created by Russian authorities together with FIFA. Its purpose is to avoid ticket fraud. Since both the ticket and the FAN ID are personalized it becomes easier for organizers to detect fake tickets. You can apply for a Fan ID here.

A Fan ID has the same function as a visa during the period of June 14th to July 15th 2018 and it also gives you free access to public transportation and free trains between the host cities.

Note! If you have previously been found guilty of a crime against public order there is a risk that your Fan ID will be revoked. Read more about it on Fan ID’s website.

4. I have a valid ticket but I would like to sell it. How do I go about it?

You should avoid selling the ticket to a friend or acquaintance outside FIFA’s ticket system, since the ticket is personalized. FIFA has its own system for resale of game tickets. On the FIFA website you can find regulations and procedures for how to go about selling your ticket, which you can read more about here.

5. I want to buy a ticket. Where do I do that?

You can only purchase valid tickets at FIFA has had several sales phases for this year’s FIFA World Cup, and the final one runs from April 18th to July 15th. The tickets are sold according to the principle first-come-first-served principle.

Do not buy any tickets from sellers that are not authorised. You will not only risk being over-charged but you might also be denied entry to the event once you are in Russia.

Practical tips when you travel to the FIFA World Cup

Booking accommodations

Find out about the quality of the accommodations by checking out reviews and references from previous guests. According to information, certain hotels have raised their prices substantially for the FIFA World Cup, so make sure that you find out if the hotel permits cancellations in its contract terms.

If you are planning to stay in private accommodations you need to pay attention to the fact that certain online renters are fake. The most secure method is to always book through acknowledged booking portals that can confirm that the renter actually exists.

If you still end up in a situation where you are scammed, your bank might be able to help you get a refund if you used a card to pay for your accommodation. Avoid bank transfers or paying in cash, just to be on the safe side.

Problems with your flight

You may be entitled to compensation and a refund if your flight is very delayed or cancelled. The airline company is required to inform you of your rights and help you if your departure has changed. If you want to see for yourself what your rights are you can use the flight calculator here on our website.

Renting a car

If you are planning to rent a car abroad it is always important to take certain precautions:

  • Always make sure that the card you pay with belongs to the person who is going to be driving the car, and remember to bring the card with you on your trip. It might be wise to use an international credit card, such as MasterCard, since certain Swedish cards may require you to have additional insurance on site.
  • Read the rental contract carefully before signing it. Make sure that there are no additional fees or insurances that you have not been informed about.
  • Document the condition of the car before you collect it and especially when you return it. For example, use your mobile to take pictures so that you can be sure that the date of the pictures is registered.
  • If the car is involved in an incident or accident it is important that you notify the rental company immediately. The same applies if you experience technical problems with the car.

Football clothing and merchandise

You will come across countless numbers of copies of football clothing and other accessories, both online and at the actual event in connection with the events. Be attentive to unreasonably low prices and obvious mistakes such as spelling errors in names, to make sure that the item you buy is the genuine article.

If the game is cancelled or relocated

A football game can be cancelled or relocated due to exceptional circumstances, such as severe weather or a terror threat. If this happens to you, you can demand a refund on your ticket price.