How to solve car rental problems that arise later on


Summer is peak season for car rentals as well as for complaints relating to car rentals. It is becoming increasingly common for problems to arise later on – here are our best tips if this happens to you.

A lot of people probably heave a sigh of relief after managing to avoid complaints and additional expenses after returning their rental car this vacation as well, however it isn’t always that simple.

The fact is that it is becoming more and more common for consumers to realize once they are back home that they have been billed for extra charges without their knowledge. Here are four common reasons for why this might happen, and possible solutions.

If money has been withdrawn from your account in the following cases:

  • ADDITIONAL INSURANCE. It is often very difficult to receive compensation for an insurance claim if it turns out that it has been mentioned in the rental contract. It is still important that you complain to the rental company in order to bring it to their attention. You should also contact your bank and your regular insurance company to try and get compensation through them.
  • DAMAGES. A rental company does not have the right to withdraw money from your account or a deposition for any alleged damages without giving you a chance to contest the claims. If this still occurs, complain to the rental company and ask to see proof of the alleged damage. Your insurance company or bank, through charge back, may in certain cases be able to help you with a refund.
  • MORE EXPENSIVE CAR. The rental company must be able to prove that you have accepted a more expensive car than you booked in order to be able to bill you for it. Once again – complain to the rental company if this has still occurred, and examine the possibility of getting a refund through your insurance company or bank.
  • FUEL/FINE/PARKING TICKET. In these cases the rental company may actually be within its rights to withdraw additional money from your account, as these are things that might be submitted to the renter after the rental period is over. If you still feel that an error has been made you can complain to the rental company. If this is unsuccessful you could try your bank or insurance company, as mentioned in the example above.

If any of the above mentioned problems have happened to you and you are in need of assistance, you are welcome to contact the European Consumer Centre Sweden and our legal advisors. You can find all contact information here.