Gift from Vitality is causing problems for consumers


The European Consumer Centre Sweden has been getting phone calls and questions about Vitality Club lately. Many consumers report that they have received phone calls from the company with an offer of a gift. Consumers who have then said yes have been sent an invoice along with the gift.

Several consumers who have said yes say that they have ended up with subscriptions and been sent invoices for over one thousand SEK. The Swedish Consumer Agency came out with similar information about the company in 2016.

Only pay for things that you have ordered

As a consumer you need to remember that you are only obligated to receive and pay for what you have ordered. If you did not receive any information telling you that you needed to pay for the package or if the package entails a subscription, you may not be obligated to receive the gift and pay for it.

If you are uncertain of what it is you have said yes to, cancelling the contract is the wise thing to do. You should notify the company within 14 days from when you received that package that you have changed your mind, preferably by sending an email to the company or by certified mail.

After that the package should be sent back to the company address. If there is not enough information for you to use your right of withdrawal, the right of withdrawal can be extended with up to one year. After that you should contest the invoice and any debt collection demands along with the motivation that you have changed your mind about the purchase.

Step by step: how to get out of an unwanted subscription

Contest invoices and debt collection demands

You may not discover the subscription until the first regular package arrives, and you have already used the package that you were given as a gift. If that happens you can notify the company that you feel that you were not given any information about a subscription, but instead thought that you were only being given a gift.

After that you should contest the invoice and any debt collection demands by saying that you only said yes to a gift and there was no information saying that you purchased a subscription.

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