Fake makeup contained human feces


Expensive makeup products at discount prices can sometimes be too good to be true. Last week the L.A police department cracked down on 21 stores that were selling counterfeited beauty products.

Before the police intervened, many unhappy customers had contacted the big makeup companies to report that they had developed a rash and acne after using the makeup. The makeup was sold in 21 stores in the Los Angeles area. The confiscated products were, among others, brand names such as MAC, Urban Decay and Kylie Jenner. All products were sold at highly discounted prices - which differed vastly from the recommended price.

Harmful bacteria were found in the majority of the products – as well as traces of human feces. Feces is something that can end up in counterfeited makeup if it is manufactured in a private person’s garage or bathroom, explains a spokesperson for the Los Angeles police.

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Source: LAPD’s twitter, Expressen