Enduria Travel has filed for bankruptcy


Enduria Travel, which sells timeshares and similar contracts, has filed for bankruptcy according to a decision by the court in Las Palmas. Depending on how you paid for your trip, the chances of getting your money back varies.

If you paid your trip or accommodation by card, you should contact your bank to see if there are any possibilities of making a refund. You will have a stronger consumer protection if you paid with a credit card.

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You could also contact the The Swedish Consumers' Banking and Finance Bureau for advice, free of charge.

Contact The Swedish Consumers' Banking and Finance Bureau (in english) 

Check your insurance

There are insurances that offer protection against bankruptcies. If you have bought a travel insurance, you should contact the insurance company to see if it covers bankruptcies.

Make your claims to the administrator in bankruptcy 

You can report to the administrator in bankruptcy, that the company got a dept to you for an accommodation or trip that hasn't been delivered. You must prove your claim with a purchase agreement and/or a booking confirmation, proof of payment, the filed complaint and other documention that proves your case. The claim must be in writing and signed by you. You can send it with e-mail.

There are however no guarantees that you will get your money back from the bankruptcy estate. Some debts are higher prioritised than others, and your claim is a so called unprioritized claim, which makes the possibilities of getting your money back quite slim.

The administrator of bankruptcy must have gotten your claim by the 5th of November, but you should provide it as soon as you can. The claim must be written in English or Spanish.

Details of the administrator of bankruptcy

Name: Maria del Mar Mejías Jiménes
NIF (tax code): 42865731X
Address: Padre José de Sosa, n.º 2 6, 2º B, Las Pal as de G. C.
E-mail: mejias.concursal@exnovo.es

The bankruptcy document issued by the court

You don't have to accept a new contract

It has come to ECC Swedens attention that some customers have gotten an offer regarding a new contract, wich seems to be a so called timeshare. You are not obligated to accept a new agreement or contract. Instead, you should consider it a completely new agreement. In that case, you should carefully read the terms before agreeing to anything.

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