Complaints on air travel peaked in 2017


Complaints concerning delayed and cancelled flights were on top of the complaint list for ECC Sweden in 2017. Over 30 percent of all cases were related to air travel issues.

By 2017, ECC Sweden registered 7 414 contacts. The most common complaints were air travel, followed by car valuation services, pharmaceuticals/medicines/herbal products, clothing and articles for personal care. Of all cases, 68 percent concerned e-commerce.

Top 5 topics

  1. Air transport: 30.4%
  2. Cars and motorcycles (including rental cars and car valuations services): 12.6%
  3. Pharmaceuticals/herbal Remedies: 5.9%
  4. Clothing: 5.1%
  5. Articles for personal care: 3.4%

Of all cases, 87 percent concerned post-purchase issues, 8 percent contacted us before making a purchase and 5 percent were related to other issues. The most common way to get in touch with us was by telephone (56 percent) followed by email (25 percent) and the Q&A forum (12 percent). Other ways to contact us, such as complaint form, visits and letters accounted for 7 percent.

"The most common questions from consumers concerned the right to compensation for delayed or cancelled flights as well as subscriptions traps for different dietary products or creams for personal care. In order to make it easier for consumers to reach accessible information, the flight calculator was recently launched. It is important that we can serve consumers with good tools to help solve their cases and become aware of their rights", says Jolanda Girzl, Director of Consumer Europe.

More consumers search for answers online

In 2017, the visits to ECC Sweden's website increased by 40 percent to 379,716 visits (2016: 274 241). The topics consumers were most interested in were delayed and cancelled flights, delayed and lost luggage, contact information to ECC Sweden, trade within EU, customs and VAT, and questions and answers about Air Berlin's bankruptcy.

About ECC Sweden

ECC Sweden is part of the ECC Network, which offers free help and advice to consumers when problems arise in cross-border trade with a seller in another EU country, Norway or Iceland. We do this through guidance or mediation via our sister offices, as we work closely together. The ECC Network has offices in all EU countries, Norway and Iceland.