has declared bankruptcy


On July 2nd 2018 the Dutch online store declared bankruptcy. The European Consumer Centre has received a number of questions from disappointed consumers who have paid for products that were not delivered. Here is our best advice for other people who are in the same situation.

When a company goes bankrupt, the chances of receiving compensation are limited for consumers. It partly depends on whether there are any assets in the bankruptcy estate, and partly on the local bankruptcy regulations – in this case the Netherlands.

How to try and get your money back

  1. If you used a credit card to pay for the purchase you should as a consumer start by examining your possibility of getting a refund through your creditor, through a so called chargeback.
    Read more about chargebacks

  2. You can submit a demand to the liquidator, which according to the liquidator should be done through a special contact form which is available on the liquidator’s website (in English). The form has been translated into English. According to the liquidator, this type of demand must be submitted within two months from July 2nd.
    Go to the special contact form
    The liquidators website (in dutch)

Since has declared bankruptcy, the European Consumer Centre Network is unfortunately not able to offer assistance in any new cases, but you can find information at ECC Netherlands about the ongoing process and how you should proceed as a consumer.

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