Airbnb change the price information and terms after demands from the EU


Urges from the European Commission and EU:s consumer protection agencies have made Airbnb clarify how they display their prices. They will also audit their terms and condition.

Airbnb must, in a more distincitve way, present the bookings total price, where all obligatory fees are included. Even extra fees, for example cleaning, must be included in the price. If it's not possible to present the total amount including all fees, Airbnb must inform more distinctly that extra fees will apply.

Airbnb must also state in a more clear way if an offer is presented by a private or professional host. That is an important change, because the consumer protection laws differ between them.

The changes on the website must be done before 31th of december 2018, on all EU languages.

Read the whole press release on the European Commissions website