6 ways to detect a fake shop online


As more and more consumers make their purchases online, the risk of being involved in e-commerce frauds increase. Therefore, on Safer Internet Day ECC Sweden want to share five quick and easy tips on what to keep in mind when shopping online.
  1. Is the offer too good to be true? Then it most likely is. Something that at first glance seems to be free may in fact cost you dearly. Pay special attention if the store sells branded goods at extremely low prices. It could be a counterfeit.
  2. What are the payment options? Pay attention if this is your only option for payment is to pay in advance. When you pay in advance, you lose your best leverage as a consumer – to withhold payment for late delivery. Instead, when you pay by card you can turn to your bank for help with compensation through chargeback.
  3. Can you come in contact with the trader? Check that the company has contact information such as address, phone number and email address on the site, as well as in which the country the company is registered. Also, check that the company has a functioning customer service.
  4. What are the terms in the contract? Check your consumer rights on the trader's website. Online traders are obliged to provide you with clear and correct information about your consumer rights, such as the 14-day withdrawal right or the legal warranty of at least 2 years.
  5. Is the web shop professional? Assess the general layout of the website. Most of the fake web shops have spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, poor quality pictures of the products being sold or of the logos for the means of payment, etc.
  6. What do other customers say about the trader? Check if the trader has received many negative reviews from previous customers. Search for the trader in a search engine and read on forums and review sites what other customers write about the store.

More tips about what you should consider before you shop online you can find in our checklist for e-commerce.

Problem with a purchase online?

Have you made a purchase online that has gone wrong? If the trader is registered in another EU country, Norway or Iceland, you can contact ECC Sweden for free legal advice. Call, email, or ask a question in our Q & A forum.

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What is Safer Internet Day?

Safer Internet Day was started as an EU project in 2004 and over 50 countries worldwide participated. The purpose of the day is to promote a safe and responsible use of the Internet and social media, especially among children and young people. The theme 2018 is "Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you!".

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