4 luggage tips when flying with skis this winter


The winter holidays have begun and within a few weeks the Easter break will take place. If you are planning to ski down the slopes in Europe, ECC Sweden has four luggage tips for those who are taking the flight to the skiing holiday this winter.

There is a lot to consider when packing for the ski trip with the family. In addition to clothes, ski equipment and other ski gear need to be packed and checked in properly to avoid problems at the airport. In this article, ECC Sweden has gathered four great luggage tips for ski travellers who are taking the flight to Europe this winter holiday.

  1. Inform the airline that you are bringing ski equipment. Ski and snowboard equipment is considered as sports equipment, which in most cases must be paid extra for and need to be checked in as special luggage. The rules vary between airlines. If your trip contains change of flights, notify all companies you travel with. Keep in mind that it is the terms of the company that operates the route that applies. If you have purchased the ticket from company A, but it is company B that carries out the flight, then company B rules apply.

  2. Follow the airline's terms and conditions for packing and check-in. For skis and snowboard gear, the airlines usually require the equipment to be packed in special bags and checked in at specified locations and times prior to the flight. If you pack in a broken or weak bag and your equipment breaks, you may not be entitled to compensation. To avoid additional costs, remember to comply with the airline's rules for the weight and dimensions of both the ski equipment bag and your other luggage.

  3. Inform the airline if your luggage value exceeds 13300 SEK. If you do not, and your checked in baggage is damaged or lost, the maximum amount of compensation you can claim is 13300 SEK. Keep in mind that the compensation is per person and not per bag. Write a packing list and take a photo of the contents in your bags to be checked in. Then you have proof of the value of the bag if the airline loses your luggage.

  4. If the luggage with the equipment is damaged, delayed or lost. Report the problem of the luggage directly at the airport or when you receive your luggage. The airline is obliged to compensate you if your luggage is lost or damaged. If your equipment is delayed, you are entitled to request compensation for additional expenses, such as rent of skis, boots and helmets. Remember to keep receipts and limit your expenses.

More information

Read more about what applies for delayed luggage, lost luggage or damaged luggage. With our service the flight calculator (in Swedish), you can check what to do when affected by luggage problems and what amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Does the airline not respond to your complaint?

Have you requested compensation for a luggage problem, but have not received a response from the airline or received an answer you are not satisfied with? Contact ECC Sweden! We can help if the airline is located in another EU country, Norway or Iceland. In some cases, we can mediate with the airline via our sister offices located in 30 countries in Europe.