Travelstart does not sell package tours


The Consumer Ombudsman, KO, believed that the Swedish Travel group's site is selling package tours, but the Patent and Market court does not agree. The judgement infers that travellers do not have the same protection as given by the Package travel law, when booking flight and hotel on the site.

- Due to the court's decision, travellers should be extra cautious when booking flight or hotel. They do not have the protection as given by the Package travel law. Instead, the consumers must turn to the airline and hotel directly, to stay informed on for example changes and disruptions. Travelstart's liability is limited, says the litigation counsel Ida Nyström. 

The court had to decide whether or not the Swedish Travelgroup's site marketed package tours when selling flight and hotel stays in combination. It was important to clarify, since the legislation differs depending on travel form. KO believed that the travel company did not take enough responsibility in their terms. Instead, they put to much responsibility on the travellers themselves. However, the court sees as a technical platform for different search engines, not a travel agent.

- Of course, we find it unfortunate that the court did not share our view. Now we are awaiting the new Package travel law, which will be implemented July 1, 2018. We hope that the consumers' protection is strengthened with the new rules, says Ida Nyström. 

The judgement from the Patent and Market court (Swedish)

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Source: Press release from the Swedish Consumer Agency (Swedish)