Top 5 consumer issues in January


WV-travel, Stayfriend, Diet & Detox, Vitality Club and FloryDay were the companies consumers wanted to know more about in our Q & A forum in January. Here you will find the five most read posts (in Swedish).

Top 5 most read posts

  1. Gratis resor med (1 871 views)
  2. Hur kan jag avsluta medlemskap i Stayfriend? (872 views)
  3. Har problem med Diet & Detox, vad gör jag? (802 views)
  4. Vill avsluta medlemskap hos Vitality club, hur gör jag? (758 views)
  5. FloryDay, svarar inte på mejl, vad gör jag? (708 views)

More statistics

During January we responded to 151 consumer questions in our Q & A forum. The forum was visited by 15,587 consumers who read 21,093 pages.

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