Swedes have little knowledge of intellectual property


Although Sweden recently was named as one the world's most innovative countries, awareness and knowledge of intellectual property rights are low relative to the rest of Europe. That shows a new report from the European Union Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO.

The report shows that 99% of Swedes think that intellectual property is important and essential for innovators, creators and entrepreneurs' businesses. In contrast, only 24% of Swedish respondents think that they have good knowledge of intellectual property law, the Swedish Patent and Registration Office announces in a press release.

The report also shows that 20% of Swedes sometime purchased an item and then wondered if it was a counterfeit. Many would also refrain from buying counterfeits of the risk of being discovered was greater.

Sweden's results on counterfeits:

  • One in five Swedes have bought something and then wondered if it was a pirated copy
  • Nearly three-quarters of Swedes believe that the purchase of counterfeits promotes child labour and trafficking
  • Nearly half of the Swedes who bought counterfeited goods would have abstained if the penalties and the risk of detection was greater

About the EUIPO report

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ECC network report on piracy online

On March 15, 2017, ECC Sweden and the ECC Network launched the report The impact of counterfeiting on online consumer rights in Europe who pay attention to the risks of buying counterfeits, their negative consequences and tips how to recognize a counterfeit online.

Download the report on counterfeits (PDF)

Read ECC Sweden's pressrelease "Watch out for counterfeits online"