Secure this summer's event – how to find out if the ticket is valid


Bought second-hand tickets for the summer's big event and worried about not getting in? Here you will find tips on how to find out if your ticket is genuine and how to get money back for invalid tickets.

"Unfortunately, you have no right of withdrawal when you buy event tickets. This applies regardless of whether you buy first or second-hand tickets. However, if the tickets prove to be invalid, you are entitled to claim money back from the company. If the tickets are fake you should contact the police and make a police report", says Jolanda Girzl, Director of ECC Sweden.

Checklist for second-hand tickets

  1. Check out the rules of the country where the event takes place. In Sweden, it is permitted to have second-hand tickets, but in several parts of Europe it is illegal to sell second-hand tickets or to sell them at a higher price. ECC France has information about rules for second-hand tickets for countries within the EU, Norway and Iceland.
  2. Contact the organizer to check if the tickets are valid. Ask the seller about the serial number on the ticket and contact the organizer to find out if serial number is genuine. Check if the organizer allows second-hand tickets, or else the organizer may refuse to let you in if you can not identify with the name shown on the ticket.
  3. Contact the company with your complaint. If you have tickets that are invalid, do not get the tickets on time or if the tickets do not match what you have ordered, contact the company and claim your money back. Complain in writing and save all documentation.
  4. Contact your bank for a refund. If the company refuses to refund you for the invalid tickets, contact your bank or card issuer to investigate the possibility of compensation through chargeback. If you have paid by credit card, you have extra protection by the Consumer Credit Act.

Checklist if you want to buy tickets

Are you looking for event tickets? To avoid problems when buying tickets online, ECC Sweden has some tips that are good to follow. Read our checklist when buying event tickets.