Questions and answers on Air Berlin's bankruptcy


UPDATED 2017-10-12. Since the airline Air Berlin applied for bankruptcy*, worried air passengers have contacted ECC Sweden and Hallå Konsument. Here are answers to the most common questions that we have received about the airline until now.

Will my Air Berlin flight be cancelled?

Reply: On their website, Air Berlin announces that they will not fly after October 28, 2017, due to the ongoing bankruptcy procedure. Therefore, if you have a booked flight after this date, there is a risk that your flight will be cancelled.

Presently, there is no information whether or not flights before October 28 will be affected.

Can I cancel my flight ticket with Air Berlin and get a refund?

Reply: If you do not have cancellation insurance, you do not have the right to a full refund for your flight ticket. Usually, you have the right to a refund for taxes and fees that are included in the ticket. However, due to current bankruptcy rules in Germany, Air Berlin, announces that they are prevented from refunding anyone at the present time.

If you have paid your flight with credit or debit card, you may have cancellation insurance included in your card insurance. You can also check if a cancellation insurance is included in your comprehensive household insurance. Usually, it is sold as an additional insurance. Check your insurance terms for more information.

My flight has been cancelled - can I get a refund?

Reply: According to the information on Air Berlin's website, afflicted air passengers who have booked their flight tickets after August 15, may get a refund for their tickets. Turn to the airline with your complaint.

Unfortunately, due to bankruptcy rules, the airline is prevented from refunding passengers who have booked their flights before August 15, 2017. 

I have submitted / I am about to submit a claim to the airline. Will it be possible to get compensation from the company now that it has applied for bankruptcy?

Reply: At the present time, Air Berlin cannot compensate air passengers. This is due to the current bankruptcy rules in Germany, where the airline is based. Air passengers who have booked their flights after August 15, may, however, get a refund.

If you want to file a complaint, send your claim to the bankruptcy trustee. Who that is, is not yet confirmed, but we will update this page with contact information, as soon as we have received that information. Whether or not you are compensated depends on the economy of the bankrupt estate.

If you have not yet submitted your claim, you should first send it to Air Berlin via the form om their website. Save a copy of your complaint and then send your documentation to the bankruptcy trustee.

What happens if the airline goes bankrupt and I cannot use my tickets? Can I get a refund?

Reply: If you have merely bought a regular flight ticket, you do not have bankruptcy protection. Whether or not you are compensated depends on the economy of the bankrupt estate.

If you have paid the ticket with card, you can contact the card issuer and ask for compensation by chargeback. If you have paid with credit card, you have extra protection through the Consumer Credit act. Other rules apply when you have paid with debit card. Contact your bank for information on what rules apply for your card.

If you have bought a package tour from a Swedish travel agent and the airline goes bankrupt, you should turn to the travel agent. They are obligated to re-book your trip or give you a refund. If the travel agent does not do this you can contact the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency, who handles cases concerning the travel guarantee.

It is still possible to book flights via Air Berlin. Do I dare to do that?

Reply: Yes, you can still book, but keep in mind that you will probably not get compensation, should problems occur.

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*The case is handled by the court Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, referensnummer 36a IN 4301/17.