Pointworld reported to the police


The Danish Consumer Ombudsman has reported the company Pointworld for using subscription traps.

On March 24, the Danish Consumer Ombudsman announced in a press release that the companies Pointworld, LetsSayIt and Lotto24 have been reported to the police for using misleading marketing practices. Pointworld is a company that also target Swedish consumers.

Danish consumers who complained on Pointworld have received offers via mail or ads online on products such as tablets, cameras or gift certificates for 29 crowns.

In the offer, it is written in fine or unclear text that the consumer also subscribes to a subscription when the offer is accepted. The consumer pays the promotional offer of 29 crowns. Thereafter, the company use the card details to withdraw 399 crowns monthly.

More consumer searching for answers about Pointworld online

In 2016, 7335 consumers visited ECC Sweden's Q&A forum to get answers to their questions about Pointworld. In 2015 the figures were 2161. So far this year, March 27, 2017, more than 3200 consumers have searched for answers about Pointworld in the Q&A forum, which indicates that the company is active on the Swedish market.

Most Swedish consumers who made a complaint have received offers on cheap mobile phones or tablets via ads online or in social media. The promotional offer has in general been 5 SEK and the monthly amount between 399 and 499 SEK.

Search complaints in the Swedish Consumer Agnecy and ECC Sweden's diary.

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