Many consumer complaints on Premium Supplements


The Swedish Consumer Agency has recently received lots of complaints against an Estonian company called Premium or Premium Supplements Q10.

The company named Premium Supplements Oü also uses the name Premium Q10. Consumers have reported to the Swedish Consumer Agency that they have received supplements together with an invoice, without order anything. The company claims that the consumer took part in a market research and thereby accepted the subscription.

Other consumers describe how they have received a text message or email with a link where they are asked to answer a survey about their travel habits and that they can win 30 000 SEK if they answer the questions.

High increase of complaints this year

So far this year, the Swedish Consumer Agency has received 130 complaints on the company. The information service Hallå konsument has been contacted by more than one hundred consumers who have received unsolicited goods from Premium Q10.

The Swedish Consumer Authorities have contacted the Estonian Consumer Authority on the matter.

More information

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