Many complaints on


Last year the Swedish Consumer Agency, the information service Hallå konsument and ECC Sweden received 590 complaints on Until February this year, there are 161 complaints on the company.

Many consumers have valued their car online thinking that the service is for free, which it is not. After the valuation, send an invoice of 88 Euro, 845 Swedish crowns. A valuation based on the consumer's own data on the vehicle.

The price information is very unclear on's website. Some consumers which have seen their Facebook-ad say they have seen no price at all. When the evaluation is ordered, the consumer must furthermore relinquish their right of withdrawal to proceed.

There are several different car valuation services online.,, and, dominates the statistics of the Swedish Consumer Agency.

Problems with withdrawal

A consumer who buys services from a company in the EU has 14 days to withdraw from the purchase from the time the service is ordered. But consumers who have tried to withdraw their valuation of have been told by the company that they do not have the right to do it, even if they cancelled the purchase within the withdrawal period. refers that consumer has waived the right of withdrawal when they made the order.

However, companies are obliged to inform about right of withdrawal before the purchase. If they do not inform you about your right of withdrawal, the cooling off period cannot start, and then you still have the right to cancel the purchase.'s address is in Delaware. But since there are indications that, as well as the other aforementioned car valuation companies, has operations in the Baltics, the Swedish Consumer Agency has contacted the Estonian Consumer Authority. So is also the case against The Latvian consumer authorities acted recently against by issuing a penalty.

Advice to consumers

Contact the the Swedish Consumer Agency's information service Hallå konsument

Read ECC Sweden's tips on car valuation

Source: Press release from the Swedish Consumer Agency (in Swedish)