LuxStyle reported to the police by the Danish Consumer Ombudsman


In Sweden, more than 200 consumers have been affected by the Danish company Luxstyle. An international collaboration has now resulted in the Danish consumer ombudsman reporting Luxstyle to the police.

UPDATE 21/2/2017: Updated information is marked with "*".

UPDATE 02/03/2017: Power of Attorney removed.

According to the complaints, the companies register "an order" already on the front page of the web shop when consumers fill out their contact information and before the total price is presented. The companies con-sider the consumers bound to pay for the goods. Typically, the consumers have not filled out any payment details and they therefore receive an in-voice along with the unsolicited goods.

LuxStyle is now reported to the police

The Danish Consumer Ombudsman has received a large number of complaints from consumers in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada against the companies Luxstyle ApS and Lux International Sales ApS. Moreover, the consumer authorities from Norway, Sweden, Austria, and Belgium have asked the Danish Consumer Ombudsman to take action against the companies.

Forbrugerombudsmanden has announced in a press release that a police report has been filed against LuxStyle. Luxstyle is reported to the police for sending goods to consumers though there has been no order. The Danish Consumer Ombudsman, Christina Toftegaard Nielsen, says:

"If a company registers an order without informing the consumer, it is a serious breach of the Marketing Practices Act. According to the many complaints we have received, that is exactly what is happening on the companies' websites. For this reason, I have reported the two companies to the police for breaching the Marketing Practices Act."*

Over 200 complaints from Swedish consumers in 2016

In 2016 the Swedish Consumer Agency, the information service Hallå konsument and ECC Sweden received 224 complaints against Luxstyle:

  • 57 complaints to the Swedish Consumer Agency
  • 125 complaints to Hallå konsument
  • 42 complaints to ECC Sweden

Most of the complaints came in during the latter part of 2016, particularly October. In addition, many consumers have been looking for answers about Luxstyle online. In 2016, our legal advisors answers on our Q & A forum were read 3.658 times. The news article Many complaints Luxstyle has until today's date been read 1.040 times since it was published in November.

An additional 46 complaints have been received by the Swedish Consumer Agency, Hallå konsument and ECC Sweden in 2017.

Learn more about the cases in the Swedish Consumer Agency's and ECC Sweden's diary

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