Less luggage lost in air traffic


Airlines are getting better at handling our luggage, but stopovers and flying within Europe increase the risk that your luggage will be damaged, lost or delayed.

Airlines have become better at handling our luggage. In 2016, 5.73 bags per 1000 bags were lost, delayed or damaged in international air traffic. This is an improvement of 12.5 percent compared to the previous year. The data is derived from recent statistics from SITA.

Despite better handling, the report shows that the biggest risk of damage, delay or loss of luggage is at stopovers. Nearly half of the bags mishandled during a flight last year did it in connection with a connecting flight.

The report also shows that the risk of something happening to your luggage is greater if you fly in Europe (8.06 mishandled bags per 1,000 passengers), relatively low in the US (2.7 bags per 1,000 passengers) and lowest in Asia (1.81).

You are entitled to compensation if something happens to your luggage

If you travel with an airline located in the EU, Norway or Iceland and your luggage is delayed, lost or damaged during a flight you may be entitled to compensation.

The airline is obliged to pay an maximum amount of 1131 SDR, special drawing rights, per passenger (approximately 1400 euro).

Read more about what applies to delayed luggage, lost luggage and damaged luggage.

Source: Vagabond (in Swedish).