Keep track of mobile costs during your vacation


Are you going abroad this summer? There are rules for fees when you call, send sms or surf abroad. If you are going on holiday in the EU, new rules apply from 15 June.

Starting June 15, you will no longer have to pay additional charges when using your mobile phone in the EU. Instead, you pay your usual Swedish tax. But there are questions that may need answers before you use your mobile phone on your vacation in Europe.

  • Can you use your phone to make phone calls, and surf abroad? Keep in mind that operators have no legal obligation to offer roaming in other countries.
  • Are you going to use your Swedish mobile subscription for more than four months abroad? Then the operator can charge an additional fee. The purpose is to prevent abuse.
  • Do you have free surf in your subscription in Sweden? Keep in mind that operators are entitled to set limits on how much data may be consumed abroad at the same price as at home. You cannot expect using as much data abroad as at home.
  • Does your operator have permission to charge an additional fee for roaming services? An operator may be authorized to charge an additional fee for roaming services if the operator makes a loss due to roaming. Check if your carrier has been granted such a license.
  • Is the country you are travelling to an EU country? Keep in mind that outside the EU are different rules. Examples of countries not covered by EU roaming rules are Turkey, Thailand, Israel and Egypt.

Source: Press release from the Swedish Consumer Agency, the National Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) and The Swedish Telecom Advisors

Fact roaming

Roaming means that you connect to another operator's network when you are abroad and use your Swedish mobile subscription for calls, text and surf. In order to use your mobile while in another country, you must have a subscription that includes roaming.