Keep track of flight rules when travelling by air in the US


If you are travelling by air from Sweden and will be holidaying in the United States, you may want to take an extra look on the airline regulations. If you do not follow the rules, you may be denied boarding.

Woman denied boarding on airport.

The airline United Airlines recently refused two passengers to board because they wore leggings. The passengers traveled on discount tickets, and had not dressed according to the rules applicable for that type of ticket, writes Allt om Resor (in Swedish).

The Los Angeles Times recently wrote about some of the most unusual and unexpected rules of the four largest airlines in the United States. Here are four of them:

  • If the flight is overbooked, and no one voluntarily give up their seat, you who travel in in economy class can be forced to give up your seat in prior to passengers in first class, business class or passengers who are loyalty members.
  • You can be denied a place on the plane if you have an offensive odour not caused by a disability or illness.
  • You can be booted from a plane if you are unwilling to end a cellphone call after the aircraft doors close.
  • You can be removed from the plane or asked to buy a second seat if you cannot fit in one seat, with the seat belt secured; if you can't put down the armrests for the entire flight; or if you "significantly encroach" on the adjoining passenger.

Have you been denied boarding?

Have you been denied boarding against your will? Within the EU, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland there are rules for what airline passengers are entitled to when denied boarding. These rules apply if you are:

  • leaving the EU with any airline
  • arriving in the EU with a carrier registered in the EU (or Iceland, Norway or Switzerland)

Read more about your rights when denied boarding.