Invoice from Carspy concerns consumers


Last week ECC Sweden received a lot of calls from troubled consumers who received invoices from the Estonian car valuation company Carspy / Nordic Partner Oü.

Consumers tell that they have made an order after they got a free offer on the valuation from Carspy. Some say they never made an order or that they never realized that the service cost money, and then received an invoice. The ads from Carspy are found primarily as pop-up ads online and ads on Facebook.

The invoice from Carspy is 199 euros, but some consumers tell them they got reminders with extra charges. ECC Sweden has previously reported problems with Carspy.

Over 200 complaints about the company

During 2017 ECC Sweden, Hallå konsument and the Swedish Consumer Agency have received over 200 complaints on the company. Different companies offering car valuations online have caused problems for consumers for a long time.

What to do when affected by Carspy

  1. Contact the company in writing and contest the invoice. Do not pay if the claim is incorrect, it is harder to get money back than to dispute the invoice.
  2. Save all documentation and correspondence with the company so that you can prove that you have complained.
  3. You may also use your right of withdrawal. It is valid until the service is completed. If you have not received full information about the right of withdrawal, it may be extended.
  4. If you have contested an incorrect invoice, but still receive claims from a debt collection company or Kronofogden, you should also contest the payment demands for the debt collection company and Kronofogden. If you contest all payment demands on time, there is no risk of payment remarks.

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