Facebook block ads from Luxstyle


In a debate article on DN, Consumer Ombudsman (KO) Cecilia Tisell writes that advertisers like Facebook should take greater responsibility for their ads. Something that now has happened. The The company Luxstyle violated Facebook's advertising policy and is now blocked from advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

The Danish company Lux International, known as Luxstyle, has previously been reported to police by the Danish Consumers' Ombudsman for sending unsolicited beauty products to consumers and then demanding payment. Now Facebook acts against the company and prohibits Luxstyle from advertising on Facebook and Instagram, reports Canadian CBC News and Dutch Opgelicht.

Facebook decided to block Luxstyle from advertising on the platform after a feature about the company on CBC News. In the feature, consumers tell that they have received unsolicited goods with a demand for payment from Luxstyle after they have encountered the company via an advertisement on Facebook.

"We determined that these ads violated our policy against deceptive claims and business practices, and have blocked the company from advertising on Facebook going forward. We apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced", a spokesperson from Facebook said to CBC News.


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