Eyes on the price when booking a holiday trip


Found a great deal online on a holiday vacation? Keep track of the final price before you book! The holiday can otherwise become more expensive than you think.

Two women and a child by the computer.

Online you easily are exposed to offers from various travel companies and intermediaries, and the dream holiday is only a mouse click away. But keep an eye on the price when you book!

The price you see in the offer is not always the same when you click on the order button. Optional add-ons can make the holiday you found for a great deal much more expensive.

Read ECC Sweden's six tips before booking this year's holiday vacation.

  1. Check the cancellation policy. Remember that you have no right to cancel trips, airline tickets and hotel reservations that you purchased online. Therefore, carefully read the cancellation policy and check what fees you must pay in case you need to cancel.
  2. Check what add-ons you need. What add-ons are included in the initial price and which ones do you need to pay extra for? Extras such as full or half board, cancellation insurance, transfer or insurance often costs extra. Regarding insurance, there are two things you should keep in mind:
    - Gone long? Remember that your home insurance often is enough, but if you are away for more than 45 days or go on a trip with risky activities (eg rock climbing) you often need extra insurance. Check with your insurance company.
    - Pay by card? Travel and cancellation insurance can be included if you pay the vacation by card. What applies for you, you can read in the card information on your bank or creditors website.
  3. Pay attention to pre-ticked add-ons. Are there pre-ticked add-ons with extra charges? It is illegal! Contact ECC Sweden if you encounter travel companies that use such business practices.
  4. Document your order. Take screenshots of each step in the order process. Then you have proof of what you have agreed to in the event of problems with the booking.
  5. Read before you press "Order". A confirmation page often contains a lot of information and can feel heavy to read, but carefully check the final price and that all data and add-ons you entered are correct. Remember: your reservation can be binding even if you have not paid anything.
  6. Read the booking confirmation. Check that the booking confirmation is consistent with what you agreed to when you made the booking. If not, you should immediately contact the travel company.

Having problems with a travel agency?

Have you made a holiday booking which was more expensive than what you agreed to? Is the travel company refusing to help you? Then you can contact ECC Sweden! We can help if the company you booked with is in another EU country, Norway or Iceland.

Remember: if you have problems with a Swedish travel company, you should instead turn to your local consumer adviser (in Swedish) or the national information service Hallå konsument.