ECC Sweden is not Storm & Mets


Right now, many consumers are calling us believing we are the debt collection agency Storm & Mets.

The reason why consumers have contacted ECC Sweden, believing that we are the debt collection agency Storm & Mets, is that we have written warnings, articles and answers to consumers here on our own website and in our Q&A forum.

We want to remind that we are not Storm & Mets, but an independent unit within The Swedish Consumer Agency, which provides advice to consumers who are about to make a purchase or have made a purchase from a trader in another EU-country, Norway or Iceland.

Storm & Mets use ECC Sweden's name

We have also found out that the company direct consumers to our e-mail address, should any problems occur. Therefore, it is important for consumers to carefully read through all the information on the debt collection notice from Storm & Mets, to avoid these kinds of misunderstandings.

Problems with Storm & Mets?

Get help and advice in our article Storm & Mets continue to send out debt collection demands. You will also find posts from consumers who have been affected by the company, and the response from the ECC Sweden's legal advisors in our Q&A forum (in Swedish) .