Car valuation from Carspy costs 199 euro


In recent weeks, ECC Sweden has received many questions from troubled consumers who received an invoice of 199 euros from the Estonian car valuation company Carspy / Nordic Partner OU.

Affected consumers tell that they have ordered a car valuation from Carspy via a Facebook ad, believing that the service is free. After the order, they received an invoice of 199 euros, approximately 2000 Swedish crowns. Some consumers tell that they have never made an order, but still received an invoice.

From the beginning of March to today, ECC Sweden, the information service Hallå konsument, the municipal consumer guides and the Swedish Consumer Agency have received 136 requests and complaints on the company. ECC Swedens answer to the question "Do you know the company Carspy, had to pay 199 euros for a car valuation I thought was free" (in Swedish) has during the same period been viewed over 1000 times.

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