5 most popular consumer issues in February


WV-travel continues to be the company consumers wanted to know more about in our Q & A forum during February. Here you will find the five most read posts (in Swedish).

Other issues on February month's top-five was questions about sample packages and subscriptions from the companies Point World, Premium Q10, Vitality Club and Diet & Detox.

Top 5 most read posts

  1. Gratis resor med www.wv-travel.se? (1593 views)
  2. Hur ska jag avsluta Pointworld.com? (964 views)
  3. Jag har fått försändelser med Premium Q10 - vad gör jag? (959 views)
  4. Vill avsluta medlemskap hos Vitality club, hur gör jag? (776 views)
  5. Har problem med Diet & Detox, vad gör jag? (767 views)

So many got answers to their questions in February

During February we responded to 113 consumer questions in our Q & A forum. The forum was visited by 13,805 consumers who read 22,820 pages.

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