4 tips before you book a love weekend in Europe


Are you going to surprise your partner with a love trip? Here are some tips on four questions you should ask yourself before booking this year's love holiday - and what you can do if you run into unpleasant surprises.

 Picture of couples kissing in London.

This year's most loving day is around the corner and many people choose to surprise their partner with a trip on Valentine's Day. Thanks to the internet, it is now easy to compose a trip on your own, for instance a castle weekend in Scotland, a romantic weekend in Paris or an engagement trip to the city of love Verona.

But what should you consider before you book, and what can you do if it turns out that the long-awaited love weekend would offer some unpleasant surprises? ECC Sweden has tips!

Things to consider before you book a love holiday

  1. What standard has the accommodation?
    Luxury suite, castle or cottage? No matter what you are interested in, do not rely blindly on the number of stars an accommodation has, since the classifications differ between countries. Read on online forums what other couples have experienced of the accommodation and the landlord. Always read through the contract rules carefully before you book - in particular what applies if you have to cancel.

    If you are not satisfied with the accommodation, you should complain on site to the landlord so he or she gets a chance to correct the error. If it is not resolved, you should take pictures so you can complain afterwards. Learn more about what applies when you book holiday accommodation.

  2. Are you going to get engaged or married on the trip?
    Are you going to propose to your partner on the holiday trip? Remember to pack the rings in your hand luggage and not in your suitcase to be checked in. The airline may have specific conditions for packed valuables that you can not get compensation for if your luggage is lost. Learn more about what applies to lost luggage.

    If you planned to splurge and get married on the trip, there are some important things to check in advance before you leave. You can read more about wedding abroad on the Church of Sweden's website (in Swedish) and the Swedish Tax Agency's website.

  3. What applies if you become sick?
    Sometimes accidents appear and you become sick during the trip. Therefore, it may be a good idea to check with your insurance company if your home insurance includes a travel insurance that is strong enough to provide compensation. If not, it may be worthwhile to extend the travel insurance by buying an add insurance or sign up on a separate travel insurance.

  4. When do you need to be at the airport?
    Make sure to be at the airport well in advance so you have time to check in before your flight. It is your responsibility to keep updated with the departure times and gates, even if there are any changes. If the flight on the other hand would be delayed or cancelled, or if something happens to your luggage, you have the right to get assistance at the airport and may be entitled to compensation. Learn more about what applies when you travel by air.

Was your love weekend not as you had in mind?

Have your love weekend turned into a nightmare weekend with flight delays, dirty rooms and bad food? The basic rule is always: if you are not satisfied - complain on site. If you still do not get help, you can contact us at the ECC Sweden. We can assist you with guidance in the event the tour operator is located in another EU country, Norway or Iceland.