10 tips for non-fake online shopping this summer


Bad weather during your vacation and feel like shopping online? But before accepting a super deal online, it may be a good idea to investigate the webshop properly. ECC Sweden has the tips to avoid ordering a counterfeit.

According to statistics, June is one of the top months for shopping from foreign websites. A common reason is the pursuit of lower prices. But before accepting a great deal online, you should first investigate the webshop properly.

A common complaint to ECC Sweden is that consumers believe they purchased a genuine product online, which later proves to be a fake when they receive the product. Let our checklist help you when you shop for branded products online.

  1. Check the identity of the seller. Always check the contact details of the webshop to verify if it really exists, and where and how to complain in case of a problem.
  2. Search other consumers' reviews. Use Internet search tools to check whether other consumers have left any good or bad comments about the trader. Read these comments carefully, and keep a critical eye.
  3. Check whether the website benefits from a trust mark. A trust mark is a stamp that an objective third party awards to a webshop that meets the trust mark quality requirements and that guarantees a safe online purchase.
  4. Assess the general layout of the website. Most of the websites selling counterfeit products do not look very professional. Check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  5. Check your consumer rights on the trader's website. Online traders are obliged to provide you with clear and correct information about your consumer rights.
  6. Check the picture of the product. Do the pictures shown on the webshop look unprofessional? These may be indicators of a website that is selling fake products.
  7. Watch the price of the good. Counterfeit products are often sold at a price considerably lower than the price quoted on official retailer webshops. If the price is too good to be true, it usually is.
  8. Check the official website of the brand for authorized and black-listed sellers. Most of the major brands only give specific retailers their authorization to sell their products. Ordering products from those retailers guarantees that you are buying original products.
  9. Pay with a secured means of payment. When you pay for a purchase on the Internet, you need to follow 3 golden principles: always pay on a secured payment page, pay by credit card by preference and avoid direct money transfers.
  10. Pay attention to refurbished products. There is no clear definition of refurbished products. Is it considered as new or not? This makes a difference to your guarantee, and to what you can except from such a product.

Do you want to learn more? Get the whole list in the brochure 10 Tips how to avoid buying fake products online (PDF).

Are you going abroad this summer?

Keep in mind that it is illegal to purchase fake products even in other EU countries. If you get caught wearing or buying a counterfeit, you might end up with high fines. Read more about the rules on counterfeits within the EU.