Trade with counterfeit goods cost billions every year


According to a report from the European Union Intellectual Property office (EUIPO) trade of counterfeit goods cost EU countries 721 billion every year. In addition, 790 000 jobs are lost.

Clothing, shoes and accessories are the sectors most affected by piracy. According to the report, Sweden is one of the least affected countries, DN writes (in Swedish). An industry that is not among the sectors examined is counterfeit of furniture, which has recently been current in Sweden with the company Designers Revolt who sold copies of Swedish furniture classics.

Several reasons to avoid buying counterfeit goods

In addition to the industries that gets turned out, and that you as a consumer is tricked into buying poor quality products, copies of products such as medicines or toys can be directly dangerous. Moreover, the ones that use or buy counterfeit products support organized commercial crime.

How you recognize a counterfeit product

If you suspect that the product you ordered online can be a counterfeit, you should read our general advice on counterfeit goods. There are tips on how to examine a product that you suspect is a copy or a website you suspect are selling counterfeit products.

More information

Here you can read the full report from EUIPO.