Top 5 consumer questions in October


WV-travel, Vitality Club, Point World and Cosclub were the companies consumers wanted to know more about in our Q & A forum in October. Here you will find the five most read posts (in Swedish).

Top 5 most read posts

  1. Gratis resor ??? med (6427 views)
  2. Vill avsluta medlemskap hos Vitality club, hur gör jag? (1353 views)
  3. Hur blir jag kvitt Point World? (829 views)
  4. Hur ska jag avsluta (630 views)
  5. Hur ska jag hantera problem vid köp av COSCLUB.EU? (581 views)

More statistics

During October, we responded to 129 consumer questions in our Q & A forum. A total of 22,458 consumers visited the forum and read 35,891 pages.

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