Top 5 companies with most cases in October

11/14/2016, Vitality Club, Carprice, Norwegian and Luxstyle are the companies consumers complained most about during October. Here you will find the number of complaints received by ECC Sweden.

Top 5 companies with the highest number of cases

  1. – 41 cases
  2. Vitality Club – 27 cases
  3. Carprice – 24 cases
  4. Norwegian – 16 cases
  5. Luxstyle – 15 cases

More statistics

If you want to know more about the cases you can search for company names in the ECC Sweden diary (in Swedish). In October ECC Sweden received 491 complaints from consumers who made a cross-border purchase in the EU.

Problems with a purchase?

If you have problems with a trader in another EU country, Norway or Iceland we at ECC Sweden can help you. Contact us or ask your question in our Q & A forum.