Storm & Mets keeps on sending out debt collection demands


Storm & Mets Law Office has once again sent debt collection demands to consumers. The claims have been sent regardless the consumers has paid their invoice or not.

Many worried consumers have recent weeks contacted ECC Sweden regarding the claims they received from Storm & the Mets. The company is hired by car valuation companies such as Autopriser, and to collect debts from consumers.

Example of a debt collection demand from Storm & Mets.
Examples of a debt collection demand from Storm & Mets.

Frequently asked questions about Storm & Mets

What should I do if I receive a debt collection demand from Storm & Mets?

If you previously contested the claim from the car valuation company, you should contest this claim the same way. You only have to do it once and you can send the contesting via e-mail. If you, despite contesting, still receives new claims, you can report the case to the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) if the claim exceeds 1000 SEK.

Can I get a record for non-payment of debt?

You do not have to worry about getting a record for non-payment of debt. Getting a debt collection demand does not mean that you get a record payment default. To get a record of non-payment , the court and/or the Swedish Enforcement Authority has to get involved. On the Swedish Enforcement Authority's website as well as the Swedish Data Protection Authority's website (in Swedish), you can find more information on what is required in order to get a record of non-payment.

Is ECC Sweden a Scandinavian EU ombudsman?

ECC Sweden is not a Scandinavian EU ombudsman. Nor are we a company who charge consumers. We are an independent unit within the Swedish Consumer Agency. The links Storm & Mets refers to in the debt collection letter leads to our FAQ where we give answers with reference to current legislation. Read more about ECC Sweden on the page About Us.

Storm & Mets reported to the police

In April 2016 the Swedish Data Protection Authority reported Storm & Mets to the police, as they are not authorized to conduct debt collection business in Sweden. This information is available on Swedish Data Protection Authority's website (in Swedish).

More information

In our FAQ (in Swedish), you will find posts from consumers who have been affected by Storm & Mets, and the responses from ECC Sweden’s legal advisors.

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