Many consumers dissatisfied with delivery from Voga


Many consumers have contacted ECC Sweden with complaints on the furniture company Voga. Problems with delivery is the most common cause of discontent.

The company Voga promises on its website that the delivery time for an ordered product is between 8-16 weeks, but many consumers have had to wait longer than that. The company's website says that the goods are delivered to a warehouse in Ireland, and that you as a consumer has the option to pick up your order there, or self-arrange delivery to Sweden.

What to do if you have not received your goods

  • Contact the company and give them a reasonable additional time. If you have not received your goods on time, you should contact the company and give them a reasonable additional period. Additional time should be reasonable in relation to, for example, the original delivery time and other circumstances. An example would be if the company announces that their transport will be a week late - then it is not reasonable to say that you want delivery within 6 days.
  • Contact your bank. If you have paid with a credit card, you can turn to your bank and request compensation through chargeback. If you paid with a debit card, it is the bank's contractual terms that determine whether this is possible.

Your rights

Right of rescission
If the company fails to deliver within the additional time that you have announced, you have the right to cancel the contract. The company then has no right to charge a processing fee, as stated in the contract.

Right of withdrawal
If you have made an online purchase, you are entitled to cancel your purchase within 14 days from the date you received the goods. If the company did not inform you on the right of withdrawal, or if the information is incomplete the withdrawal period extends by one year.

Voga refers to an exemption regarding the right of withdrawal

ECC Sweden has noted that Voga often refers to an exemption regarding the right of withdrawal. They claim that the goods are custom made to consumer's wishes and the right of withdrawal is therefore not valid. The company offers a standard range, therefore ECC Sweden it is doubtful whether Voga can make use of this exemption.