Many complaints on Luxstyle


ECC Sweden has recently received numerous complaints against the Danish company Luxstyle. The article has been updated 10/5/2017.

UPDATE 22/5/2017: Facebook has blocked Luxstyle from advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Read the full story here.

UPDATE 2/3/2017: ECC Sweden currently does not share
cases concerning Luxstyle with the ECC-office in Denmark. Therefore, the power of attorney from 2017-03-02 has been removed from this page. Read more further down in the article.

UPDATE 2/3/2017: Consumers have begun to receive debt collection demands from Alektum concerning invoices from Luxstyle, although consumers already contested the invoices.

UPDATE 3/2/2017: Since February 2, 2017, you must sign a power of attorney for us to be able to share your case with ECC Denmark. Learn more and download the power of attorney further down in the article*.

UPDATE 3/2/2017: Luxstyle is reported to the police by the Danish Consumer Ombudsman. Read the full story here.

Consumers tell that they clicked on an ad in social media that led to an information page about the product. On the information page you have to fill in personal information such as name, address, email address and telephone number in order to see the price of the product. Despite that the consumer chooses not to proceed after this step, they got sent the products together with an invoice.

Consumers who received unsolicited goods from Luxstyle are also worried that they were tied to a subscription to the company. In some cases, consumers have done what they believe is a one-time purchase at Luxstyle, which later turns out to be a subscription with monthly account draws.

Video ads in social media

The ads from Luxstyle occurs primarily as video ads on Facebook and Instagram. The products offered include the face mask "Blackhead Killer" and the eyelash serum "Quickmax". In social media Luxstyle market the products by name as Upstylemag, For Women, Swedish women, Beauty Women, BeautyLux and others.

Screenshot: examples of ads from Luxstyle.Screenshot: examples of ads from Luxstyle.

Debt collection demands from Alektum

During January and February 2017, consumers have contacted ECC Sweden regarding debt collection demands from Alektum concerning invoices from Luxstyle. Read more about the cases in ECC Sweden's diary.

If you have contested the invoice to Luxstyle, you should contest the debt collection demand to Alektum the same way. How to, you can read about in the paragraph below.

Have you received an unsolicited goods from Luxstyle?

If you receive a product you did not order along with an invoice from Luxstyle, it is important that you contest the invoice and keep all documentation. The best way to prove that you have not made an order is if you have screenshots or in this case a film of the order process.

Learn more about how to dispute invoices / debt collection for unsolicited products

Have you received the form " Ej mottagit paket?"

ECC Sweden has received questions on the form "Ej mottagit paket - Detta erkännandedokument kring icke mottaget paket är ett juridiskt dokument" that the company sends out.

The document says, among other things: "The customer has ordered from Luxstyle ... The customer has been in contact with LuxStyles customer service. The goal of customer contact has been to find a suitable solution for both parties ..."

You should not sign it if you have not ordered anything. If you sign you accept, acknowledge and agree to all the terms in the document. Remember that it is the company that must prove that you have placed an order and have a contract with them when they demand payment.

View the document "Ej mottagit paket"

How can ECC Sweden help?

*Currently we have no possibility to share Luxstyle cases with ECC Denmark. Therefore, the power of attorney from 2017-03-02 has been removed from the website. We are awaiting more information and update the article continuously.

Although we in the current situation does not share Luxstyle cases with ECC Denmark, you can still contact ECC Sweden for advice and support in your case.