Reduced roaming surcharges from 30 April, 2016


As of 30 April this year, the roaming surcharges within Europe will be reduced, thanks to the implementation of the new EU regulation on a digital internal market.

When you make a phone call, receive a phone call, send a text message or go online on your mobile phone in another country, you pay a so called roaming surcharge. In most cases the telephone operator in the country where you use the phone send an invoice to your Swedish operator, who directs the invoice to you.

The European commission has decided that the operators can charge a maximum fee of:

  • 0,05 euro per minut for phone calls
  • 0,02 euro per minut for text messages
  • 0,05 euro per megabyte for mobile surfing

These surcharges apply between 30 April, 2016 and 15 June, 2017. As of 15 June, 2017, roaming surcharges will be abolished.