Joint project 2016: Online holiday booking


During 2015, many consumers contacted the ECC-Net to express their dissatisfaction on online pricing regarding air travel, hotels and rental cars. The consumers stated that the indicated price deviated from the final price. Has that ever happened to you?

The ECC-Net is currently conducting a joint project concerning this topic, and we would be grateful if you could share with us your experiences by answering our questionnaire. The survey only takes a minute to reply!

Your participation is important

Your participation is important, since it gives the ECC-Net the opportunity to identify whether or not online booking price increases concerning travel services violates EU legislation.

An investigation on this topic contributes to maintaining a well functioning internal market, developing EU consumer legislation, and making it easier for consumers to make conscious choices by spreading knowledge on online booking consumer rights concerning travel services.

The questionnaire will be available until 25 March 2016.

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2016-03-29. This survey is no longer available.