Have your case with Law Office Storm & Mets ended in Estonian court?


Recently, ECC Sweden was contacted by a consumer who received a notification from the County Administrative Board of Stockholm. The notification concerned an order for payment from Autopriser which has hired Storm & Mets to handle their case. Are you affected? This is what you should do.
  1. Contest the notification within 7 days, that is, refuse to accept the document being served, on the grounds that it is written in Estonian. A document must be written in a language you understand or the language of the country it is sent to, ie Swedish. You can dispute directly at the time of service (when you get the letter in your hand) or by returning the notification to the County Administrative Board of Stockholm which is the central authority for international service. Remember to tick the languages you understand in the language list.

  2. If more than 7 days passed since you received the notification, or if you sign an acknowledgment that you received the notification, you should instead submit your dispute to the court in Estonia. You must do this within 30 days. Because the court sent the notification without examining if Auto Prices/Storm & the Mets have the right to submit an order for payment, it is important to carefully describe the events and to attach all documentation that you have in the matter (eg, withdrawal announcements, mail correspondence, contestation of invoices and debt collection, etc.). You can submit your dispute in an e-mail or by registered mail.

    If you received an email in Estonian with a link from the Estonian court - do not open link! The link appears in the following sentence:

    "Dokumendi vastuvõtmiseks palume kasutada avalikku e-toimikut (http://www.e-toimik.ee). Sisenemiseks saab kasutada ID-kaarti või mobiil-ID-d."

    Instead, you should fill out the "Form F - Opposition to a European order for payment", select the English version and submit to the Court. You must do this within 30 days. The form can also be downloaded on the European e-Justice portal. The instructional video below shows how to fill in the form.

    Watch in full screen on YouTube.

  3. You should also make an objection on the Estonian court judging the case. According to Regulation EC 1215/2012, the other party (in this case, Autopriser/Storm & Mets) can only sue you as a consumer in a court in Sweden, because they directed their operations to Swedish consumers. You can make the objection in connection with the contest.

  4. You have the option to apply for KO support. The Consumer Ombudsman (KO) can sometimes help individual consumers in a dispute with a company. KO then represents the consumer in court or in relation to the Enforcement Authority. This help is called KO support and is regulated by a special law. You can read more about KO support here.

See our response in our Q & A forum (in Swedish). There you will also find the address to the County Administrative Board in Stockholm and the address to the court in Estonia mentioned in the notification papers. In addition to the email address specified in the documents, it may be a good idea to send an additional email to the address parnumk.info@kohus.ee mentioned on the website of the Estonian courts.

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