Have you received claim from Storm & Mets?


Car valuation companies have hired the law firm Storm & Mets to collect debts from consumers. Storm & Mets are sending collection notices regardless of whether or not the consumer has paid his or her invoice.

Storm & Mets, who are based in Estonia, are not authorized to collect debts in Sweden, see the Swedish Data Protection Authority's list of authorized companies, (Swedish) If you receive a claim, and you have previously contested a claim from the car valuation company, you should contest this claim too.

What if I get a record of non-payment?

You do not have to worry about getting a record of non-payment. You do not automatically get that just because you have received a claim from a debt collector. To get a record of non-payment, the court and/or the Swedish Enforcement Authority has to get involved.

On the Swedish Enforcement Authority's website as well as the Swedish Data Protection Authority's website, (the information is in Swedish), you can find more information on what is required in order to get a record of non-payment.

Where do I file a complaint?

If you want to file a complaint, turn directly to the trader. If that does not help, you can report the case to ARN, (Allmänna reklamationsnämnden). If you need help on how to file a complaint, you are welcome to contact us via our interactive question forum, (Swedish)

ECC Sweden is not a Scandinavian EU ombudsman

Storm & Mets directs consumers who want to file a complaint to ECC Sweden. On the notice, the following can be stated: "Read the general statements from the Scandinavian EU ombudsman via the following links". These links go to ECC Sweden's interactive question forum.

ECC Sweden is not a Scandinavian EU ombudsman. Nor are we a trader who charge consumers. We are an independent unit within the Swedish Consumer Agency.