Have you purchased a product of Designers Revolt?


Do you have a lamp or furniture at home from Designers Revolt? If you get tired of it - remember that it is not allowed to resell the product.

Lamp and furniture with orange background.

The company Designers Revolt sold cheap copies of popular and exclusive furnishings classic. Recently the managers behind the company were sentenced by the Stockholm District Court to 1,5 years in prison and substantial damages. The case is one of the largest ever on copyright crimes in Sweden.

The company were registered in the UK where the copyright for use-designs applies to 25 years, but because the furniture copies were primarily marketed and sold to customers in Sweden, the business was classified as illegal according to Swedish regulations. In Sweden, copyright applies 70 years after the designer's death.

Illegal to resell copies

For an individual, it is not a crime to buy a copy of a copyright-protected work. However, it is illegal to sell a copy, for example, if you sell through market places or groups on the internet. In addition that piracy is illegal, the products themselves can pose a security risk because they lack proper safety certifications.

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