ECC Sweden is not a trader


ECC Sweden has, on many occasions recently, been contacted by upset consumers, who believe that we are the trader that they are in a dispute with. ECC Sweden is not a trader. We are a unit within the Swedish Consumer Agency.

ECC Sweden has, via our interactive web service, via Facebook and over the phone, recently received demands of refunds, and/or cancellations of subscriptions from consumers.

In most of the cases, the consumers do not even mention the trader's name or any other information. Here is an example: "Hello, you have withdrawn money from my account. I do not want to subscribe to anything from you, this has to be cancelled immediately..."

Fraudulent traders use ECC Sweden's name

The reason why consumers contact ECC Sweden, believing that we are a trader, is that our name is shown in the same context as many of the fraudulent traders - especially in warnings and articles here on our own website.

We have also found out that there are online traders that direct consumers to our e-mail address, should any problems occur. It is, therefore, important for consumers to go through all the information on a website, before ordering anything, in order to avoid these kinds of misunderstandings.