E-commerce in the Nordic countries continues to increase


During 2015, Nordic consumers shopped online for approximately 161,6 billion SEK. This is an increase of approximately 15 percent compared to the year before. The consumers spent 40 billion SEK on foreign sites. This shows a new report from Postnord.

The report shows that Swedes are far ahead in development and that we have a wide selection of goods and services, which has made us competitive on the global e-commerce market. Especially Norwegians are happy to shop from Swedish websites.

Our Nordic neighbours are shopping from foreign sites more frequently

We do not shop as much from foreign sites as our Nordic neighbours. However, the report shows that we are quickly adapting to new technology, which makes it easy and convenient to shop from our mobile phones. We also think that it is important that the goods are delivered in a smooth manner to our mailbox or a post agent. 

In Postnord's press release you can read more. (Swedish) You can also download the report.